Authentic And Traditional  Italian Food Recipes

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In the busy life-style we lead today, home-cooked meals are usually the first to suffer, as people have less and less time to spend in the kitchen.

This web-site contains a collection of Italian food recipes that are quick and easy to prepare and cook,and are far healthier and much more economical than the pre-packaged meals you can buy in supermarkets.It was created to deliver a little bit of Italy in to your kitchen!

Italian food, including the countless pasta recipes, pizzas and risotto's, as well as the scrumptious desserts, is loved all over the world.

Gorgeous sunshine, spectacular beaches, luscious countryside, rocky mountains, world wide famous museums and art galleries, elegant designer shops, attractive villages and magnificent cities .

If this weren't enough, Italy also boasts one of the greatest and finest culinary traditions in the whole of Europe.

The ancient Romans appreciated good food and plenty of it, competing with each other to produce  lavish and unusual banquets .

Overseas trade as the Roman Empire expanded introduced new ingredients, and agriculture started to flourish at home.

However, even then, wine production was just as great as it is today.

With the collapse of the Roman Empire, the diet went back to more basics , relying on the wealth of cereals, fruit and vegetables that could be grown on the suitable for farming land.

Italian pastry chefs were highly valued throughout Europe and were generally recognized as the very best in the world.

italian pizza


Here is the ultimate collection of authentic and traditional Italian food recipes .

Includes Italian recipes from different regions of Italy , like Sardinia,Sicily,Capri and Tuscany.

All recipes on this website have been cooked and tasted.

Cooking times may vary depending on appliance.


Italian Recipes

 The Collection

Seafood Pasta

Chicken Cacciatore

Onion Ham And Cheese Pizza

Seafood Pasta Chicken Cacciatora Onion Ham And Cheese Pizza Lamb Cutlets With Rosemary

Lamb Cutlets With Rosemary

Would it be possible to create simple

yet amazing, delicious masterpieces

every time you step in the kitchen?

Would it be great if these creations

help you loose weight too,

and keep it off ?

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